We are extremely excited to announce that the first edition of the Pineapple Summit will take place October 30-31st 2019.

We have some of the top therapists and experts from around the globe discussing different aspects of mental & physical health, therapy and coping skills.

They will give insight and advice focussed toward all adult industry performers. Promoting positivity and discussing the facts.

This might be the most important summit you attend this year!
The most important summit you attend this year.
This is Pineapple Summit
Kelly Jones
Angie Gunn
Cora Bilsker
Jasmine Johnson
Melissa LeSane
Nicoletta Heidigger
Russell Stagg
Moushumi Ghose
Rachel Wells
Samantha Willis
Pam Shaffer
Dr. Amie Harwick
Steven Mollura
Dr. Jena Field
PinappleSummit is a 100% Free and a 100% Online Summit. You don't need to travel anywhere, you can watch this summit on your phone, your laptop, iPad, computer where ever you are in the world as long as you are connected to internet. The best part, you don't even need to get dressed!
Our partners
Pineapple Summit would not exist without the help from our partners!
Ask us any questions you are interested in by mail: contact@pineapplesupport.org
How can I watch the Pineapple Summit?
Pineapple Summit is a 100% Online summit. You register with your name and email and we will send you some reminders and the link to the viewing page when the summit goes live on October 30 and October 31st.
Is this a live event? At what time does it start?
All videos are Pre-recorded. The first set of seminars will go online on the 30th and the second set will go live on October 31st. You need to be registered to be able to access the videos.
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